Let me introduce myself. My name is Daniel Nicholas Walters and I’m 19 years old, studying English Language at the University of Birmingham. My social security number is 9945673403138. Oh, and I’m quite often a bit bored.

It was at 11:02 last night that a glistening light bulb appeared above my head. I was bored. Very bored. I started to think what I could possibly do to pass the incessant, seemingly never-ending hours that faced me. Revise? Too much effort. Get a job? Too much effort. Socialise (no Google, not with a ‘Z’)? Too much effort. Then it hit me: rather than suffer boredom alone, I could drag you all down with me by making you read this – my musings on life.

You may be (probably not) wondering why I was so bored. The reasons are twofold; firstly,  whereas all my friends were revising for their numerous upcoming exams, I only have one and it is not for five weeks, and, secondly, there are only so many games of FIFA one can play in a single day without becoming numb and unresponsive.

So, this blog is my new brainchild. Now go and have some fun until my next post.




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