That Little Thing You Do When…

…walking past someone you know, you pause your iPod so you can hear exactly what they say, preventing you replying ‘good thanks’ in response to ‘hey’.

…you automatically answer ‘yeah that’s great’ when the barber asks if your haircut is okay, even though you actually absolutely despise what he’s done to your hair.

…you see a crunchy looking leaf and feel that you simply could not live with yourself were you to not step on it.

…instead of asking someone if you can alternate with them on the machine in the gym, you simply do a little dance with your index fingers, making them revolve around one another.

…you quietly mutter ‘sorry’ as you brush past someone in a crowded corridor, even though you have not done anything warranting an apology.

…misspelling a word on your phone/computer, instead of merely deleting the word back to where the spelling mistake began, you erase the entire word and start again.

…walking alongside a friend, you have to begrudgingly accept they’re a slow walker, and adjust your speed accordingly, rather than asking them to increase their speed.

…you shield your PIN number as if your life depended on it, even though no one is remotely near enough to be able to see it.

…at school, the teacher cleans all the writing off the board but misses out a few squiggles, and you suffer a mini panic attack while contemplating whether or not it would be socially acceptable for you to ask him/her to clean them off.

…you are required to know whether a letter comes before or after another, so you recite the entire alphabet, having never fully mastered it in primary school.

…having already asked someone to repeat what they said three times, you still cannot understand them, but decide you can’t say ‘what?!’ again, so you pretend to understand them and simply nod/smile.

…ordering tap water at a restaurant, you become incredibly awkward and feel obliged to apologise, as if having offended the waiter.



One thought on “That Little Thing You Do When…

  1. Morning Daniel
    I do enjoy reading your blog when I get to the office, a nice accompaniment [hope I spelt that right] to my cup of coffee, and an uplifting start to my day.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Warmest wishes

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