About Me

My name is Daniel Walters, I’m 19 and studying English Language at the University of Birmingham. I seem to have a lot of free time, so am sometimes a bit bored. Rather than get a proper job, actually study, or read the entire works of Shakespeare, I have decided to write a blog.

What will it be on? Anything. Literally.

Beware: I do love a good rant.



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey have fun with this – keep it clean and no swearing otherwise you might upset the Karbatznik family to whom Dad has sent the link! Mind you – most of them have probably ‘been there, done whatever’ it is you do!! H x x

  2. In response to your well-meaning aunt, I would say anyone who is brave enough to venture into the murky world of a 19-year-old’s musings won’t be scared off by a few swear words!

  3. Hi Dan (dont suppose you’re up yet). Re above, I suppose that anyone who would easily be offended should not read your blog? Fair result on Sunday?

  4. Sorry if i am being dumb lol but what is an irk?!

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